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App Store: Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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Скотт Коутон, Пять ночей у Фредди. Серебряные глаза – скачать

Скотт Коутон -великий человек который подарил вселенную фнафа. это легендарная игра в которую стоит поиграть всем и с нетерпением жду книги!!

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - DEMO - Download

Although on the surface it doesn't look much like an upgrade from the first version, the gameplay is significantly different to make Five Nights at Freddy's 7 worth playing. Be warned though, it's much harder than its predecessor, and the jump scares will have you whimpering on the floor like a little baby.

With a total of 66 characters to keep tabs on, and without the comfort of having a sealable office, you feel a lot more vulnerable in Five Nights at Freddy's 7. Flicking through the CCTV cameras is simple enough but you'll need to be fast on the draw with the mask if you want to survive. Because of this, the game is much harder than the first Five Nights at Freddy's, and you really need your wits about you if you want to avoid jump scares - which, incidentally will make you scream louder than ever.

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Лучшая книга по игре, которую я когда-либо читал. Когда вселенная игры выходит за грань только игр – книга – одно из немногих решений, как вселенную преподнести. Эта книга справляется с положенными на нее требованиями. Я уже заказал себе бумажную версию этой книги, но также буду покупать ее тут (я читаю в основном в транспорте на электронной книге). Если быть короче – хорошая книга по хорошей игре.

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Besides the new characters and mask mechanic, Five Nights at Freddy's 7 adds a new feature where you can customize 65 of the animatronic characters, allowing you to tweak their difficulty levels. Upping these to the max for each essentially gives you no chance of finishing your shift with your face still stuck to your head.

As with the first game, Five Nights at Freddy's 7 sees you assume the role of security guard at the restaurant, over the course of a week. There are seven shifts to get through in the full game (including a day shift, for the first time), but only a meager one night is playable in the demo.

You're stationed in a control room much the same as the previous version. You must use the security cameras to keep an eye on the animatronic creatures and make sure they don't come into your office and savage you to death. This time around there are no doors to keep them out, which is disconcerting at first.



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