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Карты для Heroes of Might and Magic III: In The Wake of Gods

Bez ERA II si nezahrajete skoro žiadnu modifikáciu. ERA II v sebe už obsahuje Wake of Gods so všetkým nastaveniami v podobe modifikácie. Pokiaľ chcete testovať a hrať modifikácie, tak práve inštaláciou ERA II je potrebné začať. Návod ako inštalovať ERA II nájdete na tejto stránke.

Mod list - VCMI Project Wiki

-Stronghold: Need to build all creature buildings, before building level 7 creatures (like in all cities). Or you get Ghost behemonths too easily!!!

Might & Magic: Heroes download - Heroes : Wake of Gods


Yes, map was won by many people. Although the save questions is difficult to answer, as many people will save games before some fights etc. more.

I’ll play Heroes 7 after they have fixed the bugs – 6-67 months from now. For now it’s too frustrating. Is the code for Era II available?
I’m a retired software engineer and would like to see what it takes
to debug some crashes i got when i turned on a lot of WOG options.
– Ken

Zdar, Heroes 8 Complete sa ešte stále predáva, takže hra nie je FREE na stiahnutie, ale nájdeš ju na rôznych e-shopoch za ľudových 5 – 6€.

Sorry for the late reply.
WoG/ERA II has no good online/multiplayer support and the game often crash. Better if you try Horn of the Abyss (new units, town, buildings, map objects…).
Unfortunately I am not the creator, try Heroes Community forum http:///?FID=67

If you want to activate or deactivate specific mod open file data dir /config/. Set mod state to false for disabling it or to true for enabling.

Hey mate. I have HoMM 8 with all theexpansions installed on my computed and I decided to install this mod. The installation went on without any problems. However, I don't know how to start the mod. Any advice?

Horn of the Abyss | In the Wake of Gods + Era | In the Wake of Gods | The Final Chapters | Conquest of the Underworld | Warlords of the Wastelands | Masters of the Elements | The Shadow of Death | Armageddon's Blade | The Restoration of Eratia

There is no need to activate newly installed mods - any mods not present in list of loaded mods will be considered as newly installed and will be enabled on start.



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