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RunAsDate - Run a program with the specified date/time

We have released another bugfix release for qBittorrent series. This will probably be the last one as development on is going well. We would expect to release final before the end of July.

Steam - Скачать

I'm glad to announce that I uploaded today the first release candidate for qBittorrent , the next major release of qBittorrent.

RAID: World War II

steam очень раздражает! ему требуется подключение к сети, даже если вы не желаете проигрывать cd-диск, приобретенный в магазине. У меня возникали проблемы с играми, который отказывались работать, поскольку возникала постоянная ошибка со steam при установке. В будущем я воздержусь от покупки игр, которые хоть каким-либо образом связаны со steam!

Wolfgang was born into Austrian aristocracy, but not so far up he ever made money from it. Well, not enough, anyway. And that's what brought him to the Nazi party as an SS officer. Wolfgang is highly trained and highly decorated. A veteran of war. But 's his big weakness.

qBittorrent was released to address a few compilation issues in several environments and polish the user interface a bit.

qBittorrent was released after a long time with huge changelog.
The Windows binary is compiled using Qt . You'll see a graphic glitch when hovering over the plus sign in the content tree. It is a known problem but Qt brings fixes that justify using it despite the graphic glitch.

qBittorrent was released. It fixes a few regressions. If you use watch folders you'll need to reconfigure them.
The Windows binary is compiled using MSVC 7565 now.

qBittorrent has just been released. It will be the last bugfix release for the series as is almost ready. Regarding the next major release - - it is now in feature freeze and I have uploaded today a sixth beta release.

I'm pleased to announce the final release of qBittorrent . This new major release brings a few new interesting features, more polishing and fixes some long-standing limitations.

Here comes the first bugfix release in the series. Although very stable, we did find a few regressions that needed fixing.



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