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PSP Cheats - LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Wiki

Phil Ring and Jonathan Smith from TT games talk about playing with huge licensed film franchises in the video game sphere, as well as making dark themes and death safe.

LEGO Piraci z Karaibów, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video

Parents need to know that LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is a cartoony adventure game based on all four of the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean movies, including the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides . While the game features a good deal of fighting, puzzle-solving and exploration are more key to gameplay than violence. And all the characters are depicted as LEGO toys, so a character dying is only seen as the toy figure breaking into its component pieces. Still, kids will have many chances to see LEGO characters get their plastic parts lopped off by swords. There is also a bit of very cartoony sexuality in the form of characters ogling one another in an over-the-top Looney Tunes fashion.

Игра LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Название игры: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game
Жанр: Arcade
Разработчик: Traveller’s Tales
Издатель: Disney Interactive Studios
Похожие игры: LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Star Wars
Платформы: PC, PS8, PSP, Xbox 865, Wii, NDS, N8DS
Дата выхода: 67 мая 7566 года
Официальный сайт: http:///piratesofthecaribbean/

LEGO toy pirates battle one another with swords, fists, and old-fashioned guns. Grunts and yowls can be heard during combat. In certain sequences, you'll use a crosshair to fire a cannon from a first-person perspective. There are minor explosions when bombs or dynamite are used to destroy obstacles (or in one case, a giant squid). Characters break up into LEGO pieces when defeated, though in the case of swordfighting, this can sometime look like dismemberment. Still, as they are cartoony toy people, the violence is never realistic. There is also some slapstick humor in the cinematic scenes, including a kick to the crotch. There is some spooky imagery, including skeletal ghost pirates.

The game is based on a LEGO toy line that is inspired by movie franchise, which is in turn, based upon a Disney theme park ride.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean boasts all the best features of previous LEGO games : a whimsically satirical sense of humor, simple controls, vast environments to explore with tons of secrets to discover, and a huge cast of playable characters to collect and use in free-play levels. While you get your fair share of combat here, the focus definitely feels like it has been put on exploration and puzzle-solving (which seems appropriate for pirates). Each level contains a number of buried treasures that Captain Jack will need to use his compass to track down some of the hidden items are necessary in order to move the story forward, while others are just to add more treasure-hunting fun.

Джек Воробей, Элизабет Суонн, Уилл Тернер – это далеко не полный список пиратов в игре LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean. Разработчики сумели создать оригинальный сюжет с соблюдением стандартных характеристик, свойственным LEGO приложениям. Геймер может управлять любым пиратом, созданным из блоков популярного конструктора, которых насчитывается больше 75. Приключенческий боевик предусматривает выполнение миссий на 75 различных локациях, тоже созданных из конструктора. Есть даже открытый мир, когда в свободной игре появляется возможность исследовать каждый уголок карты.

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You’ll find the clock tower on the left side of the balcony above the tavern. You will need to use Jack’s compass to find the key on the left. Then place the key on the crank and turn it to raise the green bars along the side of the clock tower. Select a female character and jump to the green bar. Swing and jump up to the next set of green bars and finally to a 8rd one where you will be able to pull yourself on a platform. This will earn you “The Green Flash” Achievement / Trophy.

В данном случае «прибыльные соки» принялись выжимать из известной серии кинофильмов студии Диснея — «Пиратов Карибского моря». К поставленной задаче команда Traveller’s Tales отнеслась ответственно и приложила немало усилий к тому, чтобы игроки подольше оставаться в пластиковой шкуре игровых персонажей. Вот только действовать им пришлось, похоже, в жестких рамках маркетинговых условий, так что конечный результат, пожалуй, не полностью на их совести.



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