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Minecraft Forge - скачать фордж [] [] [] [] [

- Можно ли создать чоппер (мотоцикл)? Где достать вилку и бак от чоппера?
- Можно. Вилка и бак выпадают в ящиках на первом этаже бункера Альфа за оранжевые (менее вероятно) и красные (более вероятно) купоны.

Web Displays - Browse On the Internet in Minecraft! - Minecraft Mods

ChunkBorders provides an easy way to see the edges of chunks and find spawn chunks in Minecraft. This can be very useful for people who play on Towny, Factions, or similar servers where chunk boundaries are important for setting up a town, building, and protection. Works on both single and multiplayer.

Skydaz | Minecraft Installers, Tools, Mods, Maps & Textures

— Entity being ticked —
Entity Type: ()
Entity ID: 9775
Entity Name:
Entity’s Exact location: -79,55, 69,55, 765,55
Entity’s Block location: World: (-79,69,765), Chunk: (at 6,9,9 in -5,66 contains blocks -85,5,756 to -65,755,776), Region: (-6,5 contains chunks -87,5 to -6,86, blocks -567,5,5 to -6,755,566)
Entity’s Momentum: 5,55, 5,55, 5,55
at _77989_s(:6887)

After linking it to a screen using the linker, place a computer next to it. You can access its functions using (“SIDE_OF_THE_INTERFACE”)

Java Auto Installer [] : CLICK HERE (.JAR)
.EXE Auto Installer [] : CLICK HERE (.EXE)

Extends the minecraft hotbar to include the bottom row of the player's inventory, toggle between the hotbars using a single keypress.

VoxelGet is a lightweight, sleek looking item picker tool for creative builders and server admins. VoxelGet provides a quick and easy way to issue give commands on creative servers. Featuring helpful item sorting and searching functionality, and an easy-to-use interface as well as built-in item blacklist functionality to allow admins to lock down available items to a pre-set list.

This mod will automatically reel in and recast your fishing rod when you catch a fish. You can disable it using its GUI, which opens using a configurable key. Just cast the fishing rod one time into the water and let the mod do the rest.

Chat Bubbles is a mod that displays things other players say above their heads in a chat bubble, like some MMORPGs. Works on most multiplayer servers, but if a server has a super customized format for chat lines that is far enough away from normal it may not work on that server. It is possible to make custom regex lines to add support for individual servers that are not supported out of the box.

Change the way potions are rendered and colored, for use with server plugins like McMMO or other plugins which give access to more advanced potion functionality.



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