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MapWriter (Mini-map) Mod Installer for Minecraft

If you have a video about this mod, let me know here: https:///u/5/b/667699685868585666697/667699685868585666697/posts

Моды для Minecraft / Minecraft Inside

If you haven’t run Minecraft yet since installing ModLoader, the ‘mods’ folder won’t exist yet. You can either manually create it now, or run Minecraft and have ModLoader create it for you.

YogLabs [Replica] + w/Resourcepack and Now with TechnicPacks!

Displays the boundaries between biomes in-game in full 8D with customisable boundary height. Press B to toggle the display. This mod was inspired by chunkborders by troyboy55.

The recommended texturepack is my mixpack: http:///texture-packs/777587-jadedcats-mixpack/files/7757669/download

A graphical user interface for WorldEdit. WorldEditCUI is designed to assist in using WorldEdit, as well as preventing accidental errors.

You can filter the list below by clicking on an author name or Minecraft version, using the search box on the left, or click a mod's title to see more info!

Кто хотят давать людям играть в эту игру вместе, создают сервера. Но чтобы его сделать, нужно для начало взять у нас готовые сервера Minecraft из определённой категории. В этом разделе сайта вы увидите множество сборок серверов, отличающихся версией и плагинами. Кстати, у нас так же есть раздел с плагинами, где вы можете найти множество интересных плюх для вашего сервера. Надеюсь вся эта информация была полезная и интересна, поэтому посещайте данный ресурс постоянно!

Presence Footsteps is an overly complicated footstep sound enhancement mod for Minecraft. It changes the way footstep sounds are produced, in addition to a whole new set of sounds.

Chat Bubbles is a mod that displays things other players say above their heads in a chat bubble, like some MMORPGs. Works on most multiplayer servers, but if a server has a super customized format for chat lines that is far enough away from normal it may not work on that server. It is possible to make custom regex lines to add support for individual servers that are not supported out of the box.

Tip: If you are new to installing mods in Minecraft, (or don’t like editing the ), I highly recommend you use MCPatcher to install ModLoader. MCPatcher also enables you to use high-resolution texture packs like Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack .



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