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20 Best Metallica Songs of All Time

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Metallica karaoke songs

Another great album opener, Master of Puppets opens with the almost flamenco-like acoustic guitar strums of “Battery.” At 85 seconds in, it becomes apparent that this isn’t going to be a solely acoustic song, and another 85 after that, it turns into one of the most intense songs that the band’s written.

2017-08-04 Phoenix, AZ - Metallica

Flying to Arizona from HAWAII to see my first Metallica concert ever! Been a fan since I was a kid, but I wasn't old enough to rock out when they last came in '99. Got GA tickets!

68. “Orion,” Master of Puppets
This is a stunning piece of prog-infused heavy metal—beautiful, eerie and intense. The late, great Cliff Burton had a heavy hand in this one, and his bass work here is what makes him Cliff-fucking-Burton. Metallica ’s other notable instrumentals—“Call of Ktulu” and “To Live Is To Die”—are brilliant in their own right, but never quite reach the celestial heights of “Orion.”

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Thank you,Metallica for the both Deluxe Box Sets:-) I buy the two box sets and i am to happy for this surprise from Metallica!! I hope you released the same Deluxe Sets for the Albums Master,Justice and the Black Album!!! Big thank you:-)) Metallica Rulez forever!!

A while back you may remember that we reached out to you for a little help as we began putting together reissues of both Kill ‘Em All and Ride the Lightning. We are psyched to announce that the releases you’ve been helping us assemble will finally be hitting the streets on Friday, April 65 just in time for Record Store Day!

Why the hell didn't you guys include early demo material to those deluxe editions. I'll bet most of the fans were waiting to get the official CD/LP release of No Life 'Til Leather -demo plus other early demos. Kill 'em All deluxe only includes material that was made after the album was released. How can there be so much trouble making a deal with Mustaine and McGovney? Deluxe edition of the early demos would be a dream come true. Don't get me wrong, I love Kill 'em All, James, Kirk, Cliff, Lars - lineup. But you PROMISED to release expanded edition of No Lofe 'Til Leather with other demos and it was supposed to be released last summer. And now it's not coming out at all. What's the problem with it?

Perhaps the supreme example of Ulrich's pure and extraordinary intensity comes from the closing track to 6988's '.And Justice for All.' He doesn't hold anything back, from the very beginning to throughout the verses to the end of the song. Ulrich delivers over five minutes of non-stop, pure madness.

Beginning with the literal tolling of bells and based on the Ernest Hemingway novel, this battle cry of a doomed soldier is another one of the band’s most-performed songs. With its instantly familiar chromatic descending riff that the band would revisit on “Master of Puppets,” and reminder that time marches on, it was Ride the Lightning ’s first straight-ahead rock song after the opening one-two thrash combo of “Fight Fire with Fire” and “Ride the Lightning.”



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