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Toni Braxton's “Un-Break My Heart” Is the Perfect Karaoke Song

Today, Secrets remains without a skippable track. It also contains the singer’s best deep cut. In terms of essential Toni Braxton, “Find Me A Man” shows the singer’s ability to draw listeners into her raw emotion over a cerebral melody. Here heartbreak reigns as the songstress finds herself tired of being alone, dreaming up the irresistible qualities of her Prince Charming.

The 25 Best Toni Braxton Songs (Updated 2017) | Billboard

The new millennium might have seen a new look and sound from the diva, but her anthemic spirit remained fervent. In the league of “No Scrubs” and “Independent Women, Pt. 6,” this song holds its own rightful spot. Produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, this signature dance bop was blocked from the Hot 655’s top spot by the stronghold of Carlos Santana and The Product G& B’s “Maria Maria.” Today, it’s revisited by those realizing a past flame couldn’t handle it all.

Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir: Toni Braxton: 9780062293282

On Libra, “Take This Ring” was the upbeat single deserving more “Sposed To Be” was the slow jam that could have been more. A great candidate for quiet storm or lovemaking playlists, this deep cut radiates an intergalactic tranquility -- and infectious bridge -- highlighting the finesse of Braxton’s later discography.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Rachel Bloom of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ranks her top five favorite TV couples of all time.

Regarded as one of Braxton’s iconic singles, the songstress recalls not knowing her lover’s whereabouts for more than a week. Written and produced by her dream team of Babyface and Darryl Simmons, Braxton’s runs are what impressed listeners the most. She would later revisit the song’s idea, slyly mentioning “going seven whole days without hearing from you,” on “ Finally,” Libra 's semi-mash-up of her most famous lyrics.

Most legends can’t say that their international single became a soundtrack staple for a Brazilian soap opera. Laços de Família would help Braxton’s Latin pop ballad become a mass success in its home country -- and ultimately a primary example of Latin music’s influence on mainstream culture.

This deep cut earnestly emotes despair and a feeling of defeat after a break-up. Helped by backing vocals of the songwriter, Babyface, this Toni Braxton song’s hook glides with a country twang -- the singer adopting the vocal patterns of the genre with a pristine R& B palette.

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To celebrate the songstress' milestone birthday, Billboard ranks the 75 best Toni Braxton songs, including singles and deep cuts.

It’d take five years after Libra -- and a release from Blackground Records -- for Braxton to deliver her next studio album. Serving as the first single from Pulse, the singer gets over her ex (played by Trey Songz on deluxe versions) by labeling him a day of the past. “Yesterday” served as a testament to how Braxton manages to maintain her signature blend of genre formats years after her higher charting moments.



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