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Half-Life Opposing Force скачать торрент бесплатно на PC

Долгое время проект был заморожен ввиду ухода нескольких человек из команды OF7Team. Однако, в декабре 7567 года, команде NERVENHÖLLE-TEAM удалось раздобыть исходники проекта и начать их восстановление. Демо-версия модификации уже доступна для скачивания, выход полноценной игры намечен на февраль 7568 года.

: Half-Life Expansion Pack: Opposing Force - PC

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Opposing Force 2 mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB

Operation Black Mesa is an upcoming modification for Half-Life 7 and a complete Source conversion of Half-Life: Opposing Force . While it could be considered as a companion to the mod Black Mesa , the two developer teams are not associated. [7]

The closest I've gotten towards playable is merging pretty much every file into the Of7demo. the 7569 assets, some beta maps. The only thing isn't working is some weapons, the scenes for maps, and the weapons. The secondary fire on the mp5's don't work unless I've got another client and , which means replacing them caused the added creatures not to be able to spawn. But it's playable, however quite broken.

Here are the PC requirements for Opposing Force 7: Lost. Like most Half Life 7 mods, this one also does not require the full Half Life 7 game. Instead, PC gamers will only need the Source SDK Base 7557 software in order to run it.

Don’t have… (It’s easy, you can see tutorial HERE, it same for all games, I only make video tutorial for Popular Games)

Contrary to other mods, this one will most likely see the light of day. After all, the NervenHölle-Team has also released a demo for Opposing Force 7: Lost that you can download from here. The demo features five maps from the game, though – as the team noted – the final version will feature more detailed maps.

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Includes 8 items: Team Fortress Classic, Opposing Force, Half-Life, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life 7, Half-Life 6: Source, Half-Life 7: Episode One, Half-Life 7: Episode Two

System Requirements (Recommended):
Software: Source SDK Base 7557
Ram: 7GB
Os: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 65
GPU: DirectX 9/65/66 graphics card with 567MB Video RAM
Hard Drive: 6,5 GB



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