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Divine RPG [] [] / Моды для Майнкрафт / Minecraft Inside

Thaumaturgy is the capability of a magician to work miracles. This is what this mod is all about - drawing magic from physical objects in the form of Essentia and reshaping it to perform miracles.

Electroblob's Wizardry - The expandable RPG magic mod (Minecraft

Q: How do I get spell books? Nothing has a crafting recipe!
A: You have to find them! Mobs will drop them as rare loot, you can find them in dungeon chests and you can buy them from wizards, who spawn in randomly generated towers. I recommend playing wizardry alongside a mod that adds dungeons, so that there are more places to find spell books.

Overview - Magic crusade RPG mod - Mods - Projects - Minecraft

Divine RPG Mod is a massive mod that was created to be played within the game Minecraft. DivineRPG is known for its size and pure engagement into it. DivineRPG currently adds: New Dimensions, new mobs, new items, new blocks in all sorts of different styles.

-Smashed More Bugs
-Added a few Mobs/Npcs
-Added a dozen of new items, most notably amulets, bows and drinks /> -Changed the dungeon spawners to custom dungeon spawners.
-Bosses are now spawned in useing spawners, so they will not despawn anymore.
-Added a config file, currently only for enchantment ids
-Global Entity ids should no longer conflict
-Added 6 new potion effect, imbalance.
-Added 8 new structures, the Tavern, the Desert Dragger Temple and the Nether Tower
-Chests now have been customized, so there is better loot in some dungeons.
-Purple and black flashes indicate when magic or void damage was taken.
-Overall, everything has been polished.

First off, BEAUTIFUL mod, has everything i would ever want in a hud mod, i mean this. Only one problem, it is not available for minecraft version as far as I can tell. Is there any possible way it could be backported to ? as far as I currently know, is one of the most supported minecraft versions for modders, and I would love nothing more than to make use of this in my favourite modpacks. Keep up the good work, and hope to see a version soon!

You will only be worrying about 5 slots for now, the Crystal slot is destined for Beastmasters (addon).
Each one of the slots can contain one piece of Jewelry, a necklace, gloves or rings. The top right slot is used to put in capes !

Sorry to say this again, but are you going to add toggle feature so that I can see the HUD both survival and creative mode?

Ah, the version debate. In my opinion, both versions have their good and bad points. There are plenty of good mods for that aren't on newer versions (Twilight forest, Balkon's weapons, Archimedes ships..), but equally there are many good mods that are only /. + has the new combat mechanics, but if you don't like those then feels better. Not sure that makes the newer versions 'broken' though, just different.

Can we have a Modern Hotbar Style? I like the Hotbar Style, but don't like his apperence, that's why i use the Modern one. But if you add a Modern Hotbar HUD, i will love it.




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