Minecraft с модами Industrial Craft 2, BuildCraft

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Industrial Craft 2 [] [] [] [] / Моды для

Firstly, we would like to thank the whole MCP team. Without their work, modifying Minecraft would be MUCH more complicated and time-consuming.
Additionally, thanks go to Risugami, Flan and the MCForge team, a big mod like IC² just can't live without all these base-modifications.
As well, i would on this spot thank the developer team personally:

Industrial Craft 2 Mod for Minecraft and | MineCraftings

This can seem a little bit too much easy for you and that's why I ask you how I can make it harder, what would I change or add in the mod ? Don't forget that the goal is to have an easier way to have iridium than in the original industrial craft 7 mod.

Сервера Майнкрафт с лаунчером и модом Industrial Craft

IC² now provides are more or less well documented API.
If you're a modder yourself and want to create a mod implementing IC²s features, download the API file from the IC² experimental page, and add it's contents to your source-setup (MCP ned). By using the provided classes and interfaces you can in this manner create a mod using IC² features without requiring the whole IC² sourcecode.
You can find some sort of more detailed doc at this site.

Help the Official FTB Wiki reach 8555 9555 65,555 66,555 67,555 68,555 69,555 pages!

Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background.

Addendum I:
Any individuum is allowed to showcase this mod in form of screenshots and/or videos on any platform/website/forum under following restriction:
-A link to this thread must be provided, clearly visible under/next-to the media element(s).

Hi i have just downloaded this mod and when ever i start my Minecraft it just crashes is there any solution to this problem?

You have the permission to include my mod in your ModPack but my Name and a link to my mod has to be given.
You can decompile and modify it too but if you do so and then put it in a ModPack, a link and my has to be found.

You see, when you open new doors, there is a price to pay. Now imagine. tonight, you look under your bed, and, lo and behold, you find a monster! And you're immediately eaten. Now, if you hadn't looked for the monster, you wouldn't have found it and you'd still be happy in your beds, instead of being slowly digested in the stomach sack of the creature. But, with any luck, your sister or your brothers might have heard your screams, and your endeavor will serve as a valuable lesson to them.

Sirus is the greatest person on the planet ever and I adore him and his work in every way possible. ~ GregoriusT 7569

I don't say, your insert whatever is bad. I'm only showing ways for making it better.
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Patreon really helps me out. If you consider funding the development of GT, so I might be able to do it fulltime, why not?
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