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Pokemon Mod | Minecraft

Новые популярные моды на Minecraft (Майнкрафт) с рецептами крафта и видео обзорами. Все моды можно скачать бесплатно.

Модели Декораций Модели для Warcraft 3

The Resident Evil Mod brings brand new features to Minecraft from CAPCOM’s game franchise RESIDENT EVIL. This includes new items, armor and brand new frightening mobs to bring back those haunting memories of playing Resident Evil. This mod. [Read More]

Minecraft Mods | MinecraftSix

Ok, cool! I just finished watching the entire first season, so I will know a lot more about what this mod is about since you have announced this is based on the anime. I have been working on a video tutorial on how to mod minecraft, and what I have been making is so far, so good. The update sounds great, by the way!

ArchitectureCraft Mod provides blocks for creating various architectural features that can’t otherwise be achieved easily or at all. Currently included are blocks for building sloping roofs, pillars and rounded corners, and windows with fra. [Read More]

This mod allows you to dual wield. You can hold two weapons at the same time as you fight or hold a weapon with a shield. There are also unique blocking mechanics which makes it possible to negate a lot of damage. Not only that, but many new weapons are apart of this mod.

Hydrasaur, I don't have any great skills for coding java, but I really want to be a beta tester for this mod. I hope that you can make this a ssp/smp mod you could get many people to download this mod. Are you going to add in other dimensions like gundalia, and neothia?? or just new vestroia?? I can only supply creative ideas for this mod since that is all I can due. Anything else and I useless. would be a perfect type of version to start off this mod for a great intro, but if you choose to do then I can see trouble a rising for many users since they have mixed feelings about the version of forge. I watched Bakugan when I was in High School and enjoyed it I hope that you can make a great mod and can keep it alive.

Pixelmon Mod y es un mod que añadirá más de 695 especies de Pokemon que deambularán por tus mundos y que podrás capturar con las famosas Pokeballs, para poder entrenarlos y hacerlos evolucionar en el arte de la lucha mejorando parámetros como la vida, el ataque, etc.

NetherOres Mod adds ore blocks to the Nether dimension that correspond to the Overworld ore blocks. Typically, these ores will yield at least twice as many resources than their Overworld counterpart. As a balance feature, they have a chance. [Read More]

Horse Carts Mod adds a horse cart that can be attached to a rideable entity (horse, donkey,…), contain stuff (equal to a double chest) and can even be ridden by a player. The amount of stuff on the back of the cart changes depending on how. [Read More]

Soon I will make forums for this mod, when I get some people to help me with this mod. Just to be clear, you don't have to like bakugan, I just need people to help with coding and designing the bakugan and items. Surely some of you out there must be good at this stuff.



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