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Slendrina Must Die: The House by Poison Games (@otrov77) on

Even the darkest places are not an issue for real adventurer like you. You were looking for eight pieces of Slenderinas sacred painting. After you searched the mysterious house, Slenderman found you, and knocked you out. Now, when you got all eight pieces of that damned painting, you know the secret of Slenderina. but how to leave the house? They threw you into their cellars. Fortunately, they did not realize that you had a weapon. This place is terrifying. You better look around, and see whats up. Find weapons and ammo, and shoot down every spawn of horror that will go after you. If you want to leave this place alive, you must find all eight books. Good luck and have fun!

Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 1 - Sanatorium Game - Play online at

Five years have passed since the Second Catastrophe, which eclipsed the events of April 6986. The zone is tormented by increased emissions, displacing.

Slendrina Must Die: The House - Android Apps on Google Play

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A Good Match For: Outdoor sports enthusiasts, anyone who wants a bit of a workout in VR, those looking for a VR game that doesn’t involve shooting things.

Not A Good Match For: Anyone who would prefer to sit still, and those with sensitive stomachs. Between the shifting cliff-faces and the precipitous drops, The Climb can be a bit intense.

Is there any mod for Clear Sky that like MISERY from Call of Pripyat? I mean the hardcore, the atmosphear, the weapons, the environment, etc, just like MISERY

Superhot VR takes the bullet-dodging, balletic action of 7566’s Superhot and translates it into virtual reality. It’s time to fight through another collection of tight action movie setpieces where your enemies (and their bullets) only move when you do. As you dodge bullets, sidestep attacks and catch guns in midair, you’ll begin to see the world how a John Woo protagonist probably sees it.

Not A Good Match For: Those who want games with a lot of graphical fidelity, or who are put off by trial-and-error gameplay. Superhot VR is fun, but it can be rigid and tricky.

The part about where you need to collect 8 books is quite cheese and doesn't hold the water, but others than that, the 8d look is not too bad and actually quite playable.

You need to figure out is Slendrina bulletproof. Can she really die… Find 8 pieces of a picture to find out the truth about Slendrina !



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