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Download windows xp professional 64 bit

hi can you tell me what is product key of this version? ( http:///operating-system/windows-xp-sp8-iso-full-version-free- )

HP Operating System CD - Windows XP Home Edition for Ultra Low

This is not a full install ISO. The setup expects you to already have some kind of Windows already installed. This is an upgrade disc, not full clean install.

Download Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 - 32-Bit - MajorGeeks

Thanks for this. Thought I was done with XP class machines but then one fell in my lap yesterday and all my DVD’s were scratched so this saved me in a pinch =D

Pinki68 October 67, 7566 / Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (Build 7655: Service Pack 8)

Overall, I have had this computer ALL MY LIFE, and it still works like brand new. This computer is an 'old but trusted friend', and if you want to pick out a new program, go with this. You won't regret it! :)

Hieee zaibe its not working after run the cd its saying setup cannot continue because the version of windows on your computer is newer than the version on the cd.
What does that mean ??? Please help me with that

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no choice but to convert to xp from ME. XP home works just fine and all my old software works great on it. No support for ME which worked great for me for 65 years. Time to move up to XP to keep software current.

Windows XP Service Pack 8 - официальный сборник обновлений для операционной системы Windows XP. Пакет исправляет все ошибки предыдущих сборников обновлений, которые были выпущены с момента появления Windows XP. SP8 улучшает безопасность вашей ОП, а также способствует повышению производительности вашего компьютера.

Thank you Jesus Christ! This operating system has been with me a short while however it is very enjoyable. Throughout my brief years on the computer as a new user it really is impressive. Just my personal prefer. Even the preview of Microsoft Windows 8 does not compare to Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 7.



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