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The Last of Us: Left Behind – дата выхода в России и мире

What was the hardest bit of the story to iron out?
Neil: Probably the ending. For a long time we had this antagonist that chased you, because we felt that the story needed it. And the problem was that we had this cool ending, and we wanted to make it work so badly, but it needed this antagonist that chased you throughout the entire adventure to make it work. And it just felt very forced all the time, and no matter what solution we came up with, we made the story hinge there.

The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4): : PC & Video Games

The thing that turned us on about this ‘genre' as we were exploring it was the tension that the world creates. Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity did that and hopefully The Last Of Us did that. Bruce Straley Bruce: ( Laughs ) We wish! Do you have their number? That'd be awesome. Imagine if the Coen Brothers were playing The Last Of Us right now.
Bruce: That would make me shit my pants.

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Sounds fine. I recommended the PS9 version to a friend who had never played it before. He said it was easily the best game he had ever played.

Neil: Yeah, there’s no spectacle, so we thought commercially it wouldn’t be nearly as successful as Uncharted. And at the time – I’m sure Bruce felt this too – I felt like we’re making selfish decisions, because we were just making the game we want to play, and not worrying about how it’s going to sell or how it’s going to be received. Your ego is there, so you’re worried about that, but you’re not letting that drive your decisions. But then it was a pleasant surprise.

We realise that most Naughty Dog fans and readers of PlayStation Blog will have probably already played The Last of Us and maybe even the Left Behind Add-on chapter – if you enjoyed the games, be sure to tell your friends that haven’t played of this great introduction to The Last of Us.

Did the actors inspire any moments within the game?
Neil: There was quite a bit of that with Ashley being much tougher than we originally envisioned Ellie to be. There were also some gameplay constraints that inspired this change, but Ellie became much more capable due to Ashley's input. And she became a lot funnier, also because of Ashley's input, just because Ashley's really funny. And then for me, as far as writing dialogue, I'd listen to just Ashley speaking a lot, and just try to mimic that in the dialogue itself.

Maybe it's the ending that most benefits from the revelation, though. Joel and Ellie's entire quest has been to try and help find a cure for the infection through her mutated immunity. That's her whole purpose, and the thing that keeps her going. What it is is a manifestation of survivor's guilt brought on by the fact that she had to kill the first girl she ever fell in love with after she succumbed to an infection Ellie is protected from.

When I first reviewed The Last of Us one of the things that I most applauded the game for was the character of Bill. Bill was Joel's smuggling contact, a paranoid loner that lived in the overrun and extremely booby-trapped town of Lincoln. Joel and Ellie meet up with Bill hoping to cash in some favors and get a car to head west in.

Neil: I'll go to Bruce and say, Oh, you gotta see this, or he'll come back and go, Oh, you gotta read this, and we'll keep swapping media that way.

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