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HP LaserJet M1005 Multifunction Printer | HP Online Store

i am having the same problem with my usb mouse that had. been working for years. i have tried every fix i can find but nothing has worked

Download HP Printer / Scanner drivers

HP is aware of the recent class of vulnerabilities referred to as “speculative execution side-channel attacks”. HP has released a security bulletin for systems with Intel x86 processor, and will continue to provide more information on other processors (ARM, AMD) as it becomes available.

How to Fix Scanner Not Working in Windows 10 - Driver Easy


This is my flippin' livelihood here! I work from home as a medical transcriptionist and I'm having this problem with my foot pedal and now my USB headset! I am livid to think MS knows about this and hasn't done anything about it!

I am having the same code 98 error with trying to hook up my printer….I am so aggrevated…what the devil…I bought this laptop to be up to date…instead i cannot even get my printer hooked up…..where is the help…and why does microsoft 7 charge you if you need real support……

I'm running a 69 bit Windows 7 / Windows 7558 R7 workstation that I just installed. I need to add a printer that is shared on the network from a 87bit Windows 7555 print server.


I didn't notice before, but it looks like the printer is using a PCL driver. I found this page on HP's website advising that you use the XP driver. Ugh.

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