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Archangel | Two Steps From Hell Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Wow! I googled “inspiration soundtrack music” and found your site. Turns out I already own the top three (would switch Tron to #6 but really that’s just splitting hairs!)

McClain Sisters Lyrics - Rise

It is unknown, however, if this condition still exist after Warlock was ressurected since both Magus and Warlock now co-exist.

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Dylan went on driving. After a while, he told Cohen that a famous songwriter of the day had told him, “., Bob, you’re Number 6, but I’m Number 7.”

And then, like my mother, he offered what could only have been the complete catalogue of his larder: water, juice, wine, a piece of chicken, a slice of cake, “maybe something else.” In the hours we spent together, he offered many refreshments, and, always, kindly. “Would you like some slices of cheese and olives?” is not an offer you are likely to get from Axl Rose. “Some vodka? A glass of milk? Schnapps?” And, as with my mother, it is best, sometimes, to say yes. One day, we had cheeseburgers-with-everything ordered from a Fatburger down the street and, on another, thick slices of gefilte fish with horseradish.

After traveling the stars for quite some time, eventually returning to the Milky Way Galaxy, he noticed that he had shrunk back down to normal size. He then intercepted a rocket that was drifting away from Earth. Sensing a life form in that rocket, Warlock used his Soul Gem to transport himself and the rocket to the oxygen-rich Blue Area of the Moon. There he met Spider-Man, and while deciding on how to return him back to Earth, they were attacked by the Stranger, who was looking to claim Warlock's Soul Gem. With the help of Spider-Man and the Gardener (and his own Soul Gem), they managed to defeat the Stranger. In the aftermath of the battle, Warlock left a metallic egg behind on the Moon, waiting for the right time to be opened. [79]

“I have a deep tribal sense,” he said. “I grew up in a synagogue that my ancestors built. I sat in the third row. My family was decent. They were good people, they were handshake people. So I never had a sense of rebellion.”

When I asked him if he intended his performances to reflect a kind of devotion, he hesitated before he answered. “Does artistic dedication begin to touch on religious devotion?” he said. “I start with artistic dedication. I know that if the spirit is on you it will touch on to the other human receptors. But I dare not begin from the other side. It’s like pronouncing the holy name—you don’t do it. But if you are lucky, and you are graced, and the audience is in a particular salutary condition, then these deeper responses will be produced.”

There is something irresistible about Cohen’s charm. For proof, take a look at a YouTube clip called “Why It’s Good to Be Leonard Cohen”: a filmmaker follows Cohen backstage as a beautiful German-accented actress tries to coax him, in front of a full dressing room, to “go somewhere” with her as he wryly rebuffs her. He is no less charming with men.

I’ve been a big fan of movie soundtracks for a while now and came across this site looking for new music to find. I was able to find a couple good tracks here, so thanks! In case anybody else is looking to expand their collection, I wanted to post some of my favorites that may not be listed here since many of my tops already are. No particular order. Enjoy!

And there was the other thing, too. Once, after Cohen and Vega became friendly, he called and asked her to visit him at his hotel. They met out by the pool. He asked if she wanted to hear his latest song.



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