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Just make sure that once you have the installation app for Yosemite in your Applications folder, which will be named Install OS X Yosemite, that you don't install it yet. (Previous versions of the app installer were named Install OS X Developer Preview and Install OS X Yosemite Beta. )

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Picking out hardware and building a computer is often the most daunting part of this process. If you've never done it before, it can often feel like putting together puzzle where many of the pieces seem interchangeable but truly are not. That said, we have plenty of resources to help you demystify the purchasing and building process so you're feeling confident.

Download iTunes for OS X

Once you have your hardware you're going to need to assemble it into a working computer. We have an entire night school course on computer building, but this specific lesson will walk you through how to build your first computer. Follow it diligently, read your motherboard and case manuals closely, and you should have a functional machine in no time.

Go ahead and open the System folder. A new window should pop up, and once it does, open the Installation folder. Then, head back to your OS X Install ESD window and drag and drop the Packages folder inside of the Installation folder.

I have a emachines E775, dual core T9955, 8 GB Ram, 875GB HDD, integrated graphic card Intel GM95, i don't know the type of the motherboard of this machines with windows 7, xubuntu and mavericks on it.

OS X Mavericks supersedes OS X Mountain Lion and is the first version of OS X to be free. Although it doesn't introduce any revolutionary changes to OS X, it includes some nice features, especially for fans of iOS, Maps and iBooks.

Go ahead and hit Replace to confirm that you want to write over the Packages alias, then wait for it to finish copying over. This will take a few minutes, as it's over 9 GBs large.

Wait, wait! Before you jump right in, make sure you update your OS X Mavericks Install App from the Mac App Store. You may have downloaded a copy before the most recent update, so you want to make sure the copy you install is the latest version of . If not, you'll have to go through an update process as well as an installation, and that's not fun. Not sure how to update the installer app? Follow these instructions .

Now, you need to go back to the root of your OS X Base System partition and copy the and files from the OS X Install ESD window where you grabbed the Packages folder from. It should take less than a minute to copy over.

I did the usb installation, i installed on the hard drive and when i tried to boot from hdd the boot process stops and the computer reboots. I used the flags: -s -x -f -v kext-dev-mode=6 KernelCache=No.



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