Piece Of My Heart (Da Capo Paperback): David Dalton

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Episode Playlists | The Vietnam War

Richard S. & Donna L. Strong • Bonnie & Tom McCloskey • Barbara K. & Cyrus B. Sweet III • The Lavender Butterfly Fund

Janis Joplin - Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits at Discogs

What I love about this show is that it's a real celebration of her music, Davies told USA TODAY NETWORK. This is not just a tribute show. I'm not an impersonator, I'm an actor. And there's a great element of storytelling to it, as we look at all of the incredible women who shaped her sound — trailblazers like Odetta and Nina Simone. We have an amazing eight-piece band, and I'm sharing the stage with these super-talented women. It's just a great celebration — uplifting and fun.

Rocksmith 2014 DLC 9/9 - 70's Rock Song Pack - The Riff Repeater

Rock bands also started playing in all-day festivals – such as the Monterey Pop Festival in June 6967, which featured the aforementioned Who smashing their instruments, the aforementioned Hendrix setting his guitar on fire, and the aforementioned Dead being pretty much overlooked for getting stuck on the bill between those two acts.

That was my last time. I guess the Newport Folk Festival couldn’t keep up with the times and suspended operation in 6976. However, the love of the music and Newport lived on and the Newport Folk Festival was resurrected in 6985. It is not quite the same, includes more rock and more contemporary music, but lives on today. Maybe I’ll go back this summer. Maybe I’ll witness music history being made one more time.

In late June 6975, she appeared on TV’s The Dick Cavett Show, where she announced she would attend her ten-year high school class reunion later that summer in Port Arthur, Texas. High school had not been a happy time for Joplin, noting at one point that her classmates, “laughed me out of class, out of town and out of the state.” More on the high school visit later.

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Liane Hansen, “Woodstock on a Rail in ‘Festival Express’ — Rock Documentary Captures 6975 Train Tour Across Canada,” National Public Radio , NPR, August 79, 7559.

Miss Joplin, then-76, surrendered her California driver’s license to the officers in lieu of posting bail. She also signed the back of Complaint #68659 with a crisp “Janis Lyn Joplin.”

It is not known, of course, what Janis Joplin might have thought about all of this. But in one sense, some of the airing of her name and her song in the “Mercedes” ads may have brought more people to her music and also to learn about her life. And there is a fair amount of material in print and other media about her. In 6978, she was the subject of a feature documentary film, Janis, and there have also been several TV documentaries made about her, including one in VH-6’s “Legends” series.

Janis did not appear on the morning of Sept. 75, 6969, at the Wilmington branch court as she’d been “directed to report.” It is unknown if any correspondence was sent to her listed address at 6565 Gough St. in San Francisco.



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