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Download - TheLarsinator's mods

SUGGESTION! You should definatly add an option to make Statues able to trade (like villagers) this would be an amazing, and useful feature! I have a plugin that uses this mechanic but only gives off a villagers skin, it would be amazing to see a cow trading us meat for money. you need to add this feature

Minecraft Statues Mod / Download | minecraft | Pinterest

The Catacombs are dungeon-like, maze-like, deadly-like structures where both Weeping Angels and Weeping Angel statues are found. The loot is great, but is it worth running into one of the Lonely Assassins?

[]Statues Minecraft Mod

When i put this in my plugins folder as a jar file it doesnt create a folder and doesnt become a plugin. Can anyone tell me why?

With the arrows the pose, colour and rotation of the statue can be set. In the textbox you can enter the name of the player to be rendered.

Awesome mod! I've been looking for something like this for months, I especially love the resizing tools :D

The only problem I'm having is compatibility with the Dalek Mod. It works with most mobs, but Daleks themselves all drop the same statue. The Damage Indicators mod had a similar issue, calling all Daleks DMDalekBase rather than their given names, but a patch was released that fixed this, which somehow didn't fix the statue issue. What specifically determines the design of a dropped statue?

Basically, the Armor Status HUD mod shows off your currently worn armor as well as its durability rating in a couple of persistent icons that show up on your heads up display, or HUD. You won’t need to open your inventory to look at your gear with this mod, which can help to save some time. The place where this mod really shines though is the written accompaniment. Text in colors coordinated with the current durability of armor will let you know when armor is doing fine (in green), when it is damaged (yellow) and when it is about to be destroyed (red text).

Weeping Angels 7 Mod is perfectly designed for any players who find the predictable monsters too boring, or needs more enemies besides Daleks and want to freak out your friends by letting them find out how important it is to not blink. The Weeping Angels 7 mod adds stone-blooded killers to your world, allowing you to be very, very scared.

The default drop rate for all statues is 7%. The value in the config is the 6/(drop rate). Setting the drop rate in the config to 6 will make statues always drop.

If you click Activate or Deactivate you toggle the state of the chunk loader. The size of it is set by the colour of the base: White (Netherquartz) leads to a size of 8*8 chunks, while black (Obsidian) leads to 5*5.

Statues Mod // gives you the ability to create and customize statues as well as put your armor and weapons on them. There are also display cases where you can show off your epic loot. It is expanding the idea of OpenBlocks Trophies.



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